Aviation Warranty

An  aircraft or helicopter is a huge investment why not protect it with our Aviation Warranty care system


Within the aviation world, one name  speaks of experience and quality more than any other – Leather Guard Aviation Warranty 

  • Protecting Leather & Vinyl Since 1984
  • Guaranteed System
  • Perfect Aviation Warranty Systems
  • Protect Against Stains
  • Protection Against Damage

We are the establish choice for Aviation Warranty Cover protecting your investment every step of the way. 

We have over the years built up a reputation to provide you,  the knowledge, expertise, and experience to offer to you a full solution to aviation warranty cover and after care.

You have just had built a state of the art designed aircraft or helicopter, we can provide you an aviation warranty solution to cover your interior against every day accidents, like stains, tears, rips, colour loss, scuffs, ink stains, denim jean dye transfer, food spills and stains and newspaper print transfer.

You are guaranteed a professional bespoke service every time, before we carry out any protection systems on aircraft interiors we will first of all carry out tests of the leather to ensure the finest protection possible is applied protecting your leather for up to 5 years.

Leather Guard can be purchased direct from our online shop if you wish to apply this yourself

 Rest Assured

” We have the equipment, expertise and professionalism to provide you with the finest service possible period”


 Aviation Warranty Aircraft Interior protection for your jets and aircraft's and helicopters