Leather Guard Guaranteed Protection

We’ve taken away the headaches and the hassle with claims that you get with other companies.¬†Leather Guard Guaranteed Protection


Leather Guard Guaranteed Protection – With Leather Guard we believe in making a sale and a claim should be as easy as each other.

That’s why Leather Guard was born, through a poor served industry that needed a shake up.

Leather Guard works in many areas, fashion, luxury, marine, aviation, furniture, automotive.

The automotive industry in the worst industry of all that requires a shake up, this is why Robornes are fast becoming the worlds No 1 for Leather Protection in auto dealers.

The main industry issues is where car dealerships are selling the products incorrectly just to gain a sale, giving false information about how other companies products can withstand an atom bomb, battery acid and so many more things.

Leather Guard Guaranteed Protection

The beauty with Robornes we wont tolerate this with any dealership no matter how big or small they are, we will withdraw the right for that dealership to moment we hear of something being oversold.

When claims do happen and they do, as things can go wrong, we have the best product in the world, but things do go wrong, stains do happen and we accept that, you will find that all of our competitors will say we never have claims, well lets make things clear we do have claims and we are proud to deal with them when they happen to happen.

With any reseller of Leather Guard once they have sold the package to a client they have no further contact, any claims are dealt with direct at Leather Guards head office, cutting out the need for a client to re visit a car dealership and waist valuable sales floor time talking about a Leather Guard claim, saving car dealerships thousands of pounds in lost sales, time, hassle and headaches.

Leather Guard Guaranteed Protection provides the best warranty cover, the best after market care products, along with a claim system that no other can match.

All clams are dealt with within 24 hours and repairs are all carried out with 14 days, no other company is able to offer such guarantees as Leather Guard can.