Leather Guard Warranty

Stain Protection – Leather Guard Warranty – Fashion – Automotive – Marine – Aviation – Furniture

A barrier of protection that’s applied to leather to stop stains.

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Carried out by fully trained technicians on leather goods giving them a guaranteed coating for five (5) years against stains

Leather Guard forms an invisible barrier, because of this, you know your leather is always protected.

  • Spills
  • Drinks
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Food
  • Grease
  • Dye transfer
  • Colour Loss

Unbeatable stain protector, the finest on the market and, the backing of a market leading company.

All items covered with the Leather Guard system are covered under this warranty.

Stains will be removed by either using specialist cleaning solutions designed just for Leather Guard or the coating will be re painted on leather that has a painted coated surface, this brings them back to a standard factory finish again.

On fashion items the stains are cleaned & removed with specialist cleaning solutions and nourishing products, if we have to then these areas are re dyed to make them as good as new again

Can be used on all new and old leathers, to protect leather for the future.

Brings the leather back to life if its an older item and protects the surface.

The Leather Guard warranty system can protect a number of items from stains.

All types of leather can be protected, New and Used.

Keeping leather protected at all times, will help increase values of your items when its time to sell on.

Furthermore Leather Guard helps retain that new leather aroma and, keep leather soft and supple.

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Leather Guard Warranty - leather guard