Leather Guard

Leather Guard Protection System

Leather Guard is hand crafted in England to the finest quality and with pride, buy British the finest quality today.

Leather Guard forms a synergistic barrier which becomes integrally a part of the leather hide itself.

That’s what makes Leather Guard so special and so different.

Whilst being environmentally sustainable as well…..

The Ultimate Leather Stain Protector 

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The leather guard protection system is a guaranteed protective coating that can be applied to leather items to protect them for five years against dye transfer, stains, drinks, fizzy drinks, grease and food spills.

The leather guard protection system, brings your leather back to life again, can be applied to leather that is new and old for guaranteed protection.

If you would like to join our growing international based leather guard protection system then please do get in touch, you can contact us on 01482 235265 and become an approved technician today or email sales@leatherguard.co.uk

Leather Guard is simple to use and is applied to the leather surface to protect your leather from being ruined by stains, dye transfer, drinks and spills in the future.

Leather Guard protects your leather against the elements at all times with its intelligent system.

Providing a barrier on your leather like a shield stopping stains from taking place, from fizzy drinks, to wine, food, body oils and so much more.

  Leather Guard Protection System - Aniline-Un-Protected

Leather Guard Proection System - Aniline-Protected