Leather Protection Cream




Leather Protection Cream, Feeds, Nourishes, Softens & Helps Stop Stains, Built In Intelligent Protection.

The barriers will help stop dirt and grime building up on your leather,  dirt and grime will only speed up the wear process, causing further unnecessary damage that could have been avoided with applying the leather protection cream from new.

Keeping this applied over the Leather Guard coating increases the barrier of protection stopping stains and UV rays from attacking your leather

The Leather Guard have the worlds only Intelligent Protection system, providing outstanding protection for your leather items with it’s built in Intelligent Protection.

The protection cream is a water based product, giving outstanding barriers of protection on your leather goods, helps stop stains, dirt and grime build up.

Also providing protection from UV rays which is essential today with the changing weather conditions.

With the protector cream applied to your leather items, it will help stop body oils, grime and grease attacking the leathers surface that if left unprotected will cause serious damage.

Body oils and grease start to attack your leather from the moment your purchase it, so its imperative your protect your leather items instantly on purchase.

With the leather protection cream applied it adds many benefiting factors, it feeds, nourishes and conditions your leather from day one, helping stop stains taking place on the leather item, some major benefits include pen marks and jean dye transfer from breaking the leathers surface coating.

The leather protector cream can be used on many different types of leathers.

  • Modern auto interiors
  • Classic car seats & interiors
  • Leather garments
  • Shoes
  • Jackets
  • Settees
  • Aniline leathers
  • Pigment coated leathers
  • Bi cast leathers
  • Airplane interior leathers
  • Equestrian leathers
  • Handbags
  • Boats and super yachts.

Works great on Antique two tone & mottled finished leathers, Aniline and semi aniline, coated leathers, pigmented, oily and wax pull up leathers, connolised leather and all modern types of leathers.

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